Paws Aquatics
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General Information

Initial Swim Assessment and Assisted Swims 

All dogs whether swimming for recovery or for fun will be required to have a swim assessment on their first visit. We will put on a harness or a float vest during their initial swim session. If the dog is already an experienced swimmer, the float vest can be omitted. Most dogs will only require the vest for a short period of time before feeling comfortable in the water. In assisted swims, a canine swim specialist will assist your dog in and out of the pool and will work with the dog in the pool during their session. 

Self Swim

Dogs that are already experienced swimmers will be allowed to self-swim after one assisted session to demonstrate they do not need assistance. The owner can bring their dog's favorite toys to throw for retrieving, or we will have toys available. Self swims are great for healthy dogs who love swimming and are just needing some play time and exercise and also wonderful to keep performance dogs in top physical condition.
General Information

  • There is parking on the street in front. You can enter through the side gate. If your dog has limited mobility you can drive through the gates and park near the pool entrance.
  • Keep your dog on a leash until confined in the pool area.
  • If there is still a dog in the pool area when you get here, please wait outside until that dog has left. 
  • Your dog should be clean and free of loose hair before swimming
  • Please relieve your dogs before entering the pool area.
  • There is an attached spa that owners are welcome to use and watch from while their dog is doing an assisted swim. (No dogs in the spa)
  • A Veterinary Release From will be required for all dogs under the care of a veterinarian for medical or surgical conditions, and all dogs 10 years old or over.. We reserve the right to require a Release Form for any dog that will be swimming for fun or fitness if we feel it is appropriate.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY - See policy page.
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